The Simcronomicon is a powerful spell book. Any hapless soul that lay their eyes on its tattered face and its arcane pages are cursed by its ritual. But a curse is a blessing in disguise. The Simcronomicon, though its origins is unknown, grants any wish to its victim.

As its pages are bound by an evil and arcane essence, failure to complete any ritual would guarantee damnation.

Be tempted. Pick a challenge and enjoy.*

*requires Sims 4 and a sadistic curiosity towards virtual people.

November 9, 2014

Chapter One: Lust at First Sight

Sisi psyched herself and pushed herself to meet new sims. She also argued with
herself that cream cheese is not made of moondust. This argument continued on while she exercised for a perfect body.

As she worked on her abs, Sisi felt vibrations in the air. With each passing sim, Sisi could feel their essence, the basis of all souls. It smelled like perfection, the scent of a well tended ambrosia. The scent began to gnaw at her soul, as it was forewarned by the Simcronomicon. Immortality waited for her.

Sisi caught sight of a man, a cute man with shaggy hair and a boyish mien. She stopped her reps and began arguing with herself again. She didn't know if she should introduce herself to the cute guy or to the giant boulder next to her home.

Sanity triumphed. Sisi walked down from her stoop and introduced herself to the
guy. And as the influence of the Simcronomicon had tainted her soul, she felt all of his essence, and the essence of lust swayed her. His name was Cayden Little, the first of the thirteen.

As stated by the Simcronomicon, Sisi was required to woo and flirt and tease
and woo-hoo with him although there was a footnote that states that being
boyfriends with them was enough. No matter. Sisi pressed on. Their talk led to titillating banter, and the flirtatious aura seeped through her like an engorged beehive that dripped of honey.

Days went by, and their bond strengthened. Sisi finally captured the essence of lust, and with it, Sisi caught something else that could lead to the second.

A fit body is required to complete the ritualCan love be found in lust?Sisi is enamored at Cayden

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