The Simcronomicon is a powerful spell book. Any hapless soul that lay their eyes on its tattered face and its arcane pages are cursed by its ritual. But a curse is a blessing in disguise. The Simcronomicon, though its origins is unknown, grants any wish to its victim.

As its pages are bound by an evil and arcane essence, failure to complete any ritual would guarantee damnation.

Be tempted. Pick a challenge and enjoy.*

*requires Sims 4 and a sadistic curiosity towards virtual people.

Part One: The Warden

In the Ten Dead Sims Challenge, your sim is tasked to imprison and execute ten sims by unique means. Once you have collected ten urns, the challenge is complete.


You have created your sim in your image. Or not. It can be anyone—be it a celebrity or the pizza delivery guy. Up to you, fellow deity.

The Simcronomicon does not have a strict policy on breathing life to your sim. Any trait or aspiration will do, but it recommends taking Chief of Mischief as your aspiration. Completion of this aspiration will aid your sim with electrocuting one of their prisoners.

Once created you can move them in any lot. No restrictions really. Just pick a piece of land and move on (or move in). No cheats! I know it's tempting to get that mansion, but you can only buy what you can afford.

Before controlling your sim to carry out your murderous curiosity, you must change the gameplay settings.
  • Sim Lifespan: Normal
  • Auto-age Played Sim: Yes
  • Auto-age Unplayed Sim: Checked
Time is against your sim. No Potions of Youth or Essence of Life is allowed. The Simcronomicon will have a hissy-fit over it. You are allowed, however, to purchase any traits or potions—just not the Potion of Youth.

Proceed to Part Two: The Prison

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