The Simcronomicon is a powerful spell book. Any hapless soul that lay their eyes on its tattered face and its arcane pages are cursed by its ritual. But a curse is a blessing in disguise. The Simcronomicon, though its origins is unknown, grants any wish to its victim.

As its pages are bound by an evil and arcane essence, failure to complete any ritual would guarantee damnation.

Be tempted. Pick a challenge and enjoy.*

*requires Sims 4 and a sadistic curiosity towards virtual people.

Part Three: The Offering

When a captured sim dies, your sim must plant a flower as an offering. As stated in the Simcronomicon, the act of planting a flower serves as a reminder on how many captured sims have died and how many captured sims are alive.

You must plant these flowers on a Garden Pot. Flowers planted on the ground are not counted. This helps the deity distinguish which plants are for ritual and which plants are for hobby.

The Garden Pots can be placed indoors or outdoors. They can be inside one room or in their own room with thematic decor. It is up to you on how you would organize these. Creativity is your only limit, my dear deity.

Bottom-line, you must always have 13 Garden Pots that represents the 13 sims. On the picture below, the great deity Jy-Mhan had opted for a single room with all 13 Garden Pots. One had already expired as designated by a plant.

Evolving flowers to a higher quality increases the potency of the ritual. A better flower means a better soul. Since ghosts don’t consume mortal food, they feed on love and care that your sim provides to their flower. Ever wondered why we don’t offer oregano or cucumber to the dead?

Once a flower is harvestable, collect their buds for future use or for profit. You are allowed to plant higher quality flowers if someone kicks the bucket. But disposing or replacing any flower, living or dead, taints the ritual’s purity. So be mindful of the offerings, and do not be tempted to replace that Excellent flower with a Magnificent one. Improving a flower’s quality can only be done through evolving.

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