The Simcronomicon is a powerful spell book. Any hapless soul that lay their eyes on its tattered face and its arcane pages are cursed by its ritual. But a curse is a blessing in disguise. The Simcronomicon, though its origins is unknown, grants any wish to its victim.

As its pages are bound by an evil and arcane essence, failure to complete any ritual would guarantee damnation.

Be tempted. Pick a challenge and enjoy.*

*requires Sims 4 and a sadistic curiosity towards virtual people.

Part Two: The Thirteen Souls

After mastering the art of poetry, your sim can finally “Capture the Epic Saga” of any sim. Unknown to most deities, capturing sagas is actually capturing souls. The Simcronomicon states that thirteen essences must be captured in lyrical form and in thirteen lines. Below are the thirteen essences: Seven Deadly Sins and Six Ethereal Truths.

Noncommittal Trait. Must be Girlfriend/Boyfriend.
Glutton Trait
Materialistic Trait
Lazy Trait
Hot-Headed Trait
Mean Trait
Snob Trait
Genius Trait
Active Trait
Romantic Trait. Must be Girlfriend/Boyfriend.
Music Lover Trait
Any Trait. Must be Son or Daughter
One shared Trait. Must be Best Friend.

The Blood essence requires a son or a daughter. If your sim is a girl, they are allowed to give birth and keep the baby for 24 hours. If your sim is an elder, they are allowed to adopt a baby or a child. The baby or child can stay with your sim for 24 hours, but after that, you must move them out to any household. Aging a baby into a child is allowed.

If a sim has any overlapping traits, such as one sim having the Lazy and Glutton trait (how foul), you must choose which trait they will represent.

The Observant trait is allowed and is encouraged since hunting for souls is taxing.

As a charitable deity, you can give homes to homeless sims--just don’t let them move in with your main sim. You are allowed to use the cheat “freerealestate on” for these homeless sims. However, giving homes to custom-made or player-made sims is prohibited. This gives bad juju to the ritual.

When your sim has captured someone’s saga, name the book for your convenience. The title of the book should be the sim’s name, and the description should be the essence. So if Joe Sim represents Water, name the book "Joe Sim" with the book description “Water”.

Your sim can also carry unbound books of life while they’re hunting. It’s also a way to remind you what essence are missing in your collection. Once your sim finishes a book of life, name it with the missing essence. For example, if your sim needs Sloth, name the book "Lazy Sim" with the book description "Sloth".

You can keep these books inside a bookcase or on your sim. Be warned! If your sim frequents the mailbox to drop off written books, be careful not to sell any books of life. If you accidentally sell it to a publisher, you can still write a replacement for it (what a hassle). If you sell a book of life that is linked to a dead sim, then that sim must be replaced.

If you opt to keep it in the bookcase, it’s best to sell any books that came with it. You really don’t need a copy of Lord of the Swings.

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